Top Doggy Fashion Including Luxury Dog Coats

Doggy fashion is not a new concept; it can be traced back as far as 520AD. Originally designed for protection it has evolved through the ages with everything else. Its basic purpose is still the same, protection from weather. However, we find it including clothing for special events, outings and just for being fashionable.

When the winter is here in full swing, some might debate whether they need to get a coat for the winter to keep their furry child warm or not. They might feel that their dog will look ridiculous in his clothing. Yet, in today’s age it’s common to find dog owners walking their dogs down the street with outfits on. Some of these may even look better than what their owners do.

With the cold weather coming for January and February, your furry child will need some protection to be able to keep healthy.

Although dogs are born with their own specially designed coats to protect them against all of the elements, some are not as warm as they need to be.

With such a big variety of luxury coats available, it will be important to factor in their activity levels, age, and general lifestyle, as well as their breed. Thus, you can make sure that you choose the right for dog coats best suitable for them.

Why should you buy dog coats?

Dog coats can be a benefit for your dog and you. It is not only a fashion statement. Breeds like whippets and greyhounds that have thin bodies, are hairless, have short-haired or are small needs extra protection.

This also applies to dogs that are old or ill, as they will be more prone to lose some of their body heat very quickly if they are exposed to the wintry, cold weather. Some of them even being indoors will benefit from a nice fleecy warm coat, like your Chinese Crested dog.

A luxury dog coat will be able to keep your dog clean and dry. Some of the coats may include nanotechnology that will reduce bacteria from spread. This means that the coat will keep your furry baby fresh smelling and clean for so much longer.

The kind of material you should choose

In wet weather it’s likely that you would want to choose a waterproof coat. In areas that normally only gets light rain you would need a coat that is shower-proof. Living at or near the coast, where the area is high above the sea level or a flat area, the choice should be a valuable wind-resistant coat.

If you want to keep your furry child extra-warm, a coat with fleece lining might be considered, padded or quilted to give that extra layer that will protect them against the wind and wet.

In some coats the fleece inner is detachable and on warmer days can be removed. Consider for when and what you would want to use the coat before buying.

When you take those long walks in a forest, a durable and strong materials will be perfect. If it is an outdoor day, you will require a coat with correct insulation. If you like to often go out at night and live near roads that are busy, a highly visibility coat should be considered for safety.

You can also cover your bases if you choose a coat that will be both resistant to water and wind. Additionally, also has a thermal layer that is removable with reflective strips, such as a Danish Design Luxury dog coat.

Think about how your dog feels when wearing his/her coat. They might not like bulky items, then you should invest in a coat that is lightweight and easy to get used to. Soft fabrics will be more comfortable for them to move in. Wool might make them itchy when their fur is short, thin or non-existent. Rather go for soft material for the coat’s lining in order to prevent this from happening.

Nylon or silky materials might cause some skin irritation among some breeds. Polyester fabrics might be better and make sure that it is machine-washable to handle frequent washing.

This will be a great help for controlling any pet odour.

Choose the best style in luxury dog coats

Dog coats come in many styles, some of them might be more practical for your dog than others. A classic coat shape is normally better to consider, because it’s well tried-and-tested for both practicality and functionality.

Fashion styles might be very cute, but you should consider your dog's comfort and how it affects him/her. With a very active dog the legs shouldn’t be constricted. With less active dogs, legging and hoods might be suitable.

If your dog likes to chew things like beads and synthetic fur trims, just remember these can be harmful. Breeds with short hair will like long-legged style fleece for indoors. Make sure that they are comfortable and loose fitting. Coats with hind leg loops in order to keep their coat in place must be well fitted to prevent that it is too tight and cause discomfort and rubbing.