Spider Vein Treatment with Positive Results

Do you feel uncomfortable because of unsightly spider veins? In this time and age, you don’t need to worry about them because there are many spider vein treatment options available.

Countless women and men have got rid of those unsightly dilated blood vessels by following one of the treatment options. Spider veins are very similar to varicose veins, except that they are much smaller blood vessels. They occur when those blood vessels that is near the skin’s surface become dilated permanently.

This might appear only as one line, or maybe a whole spider web of veins, or anything in between the two extremes. They can appear virtually on any part of your body, although, some areas will be more prone to develop these veins than others.

The most common spots will be your feet, legs, and hips. Sometimes they might develop on the face as well. They develop because of multiple reasons.

Women normally are much more likely to get spider veins than men, although, the doctors can’t explain why this is. It might probably be related to the hormone differences between the female and male body. During a woman’s puberty and when she is pregnant, the hormones that are released within the female’s body are assumed to weaken the blood vessels.

Some reasons why you might develop spider veins

People that experience weight fluctuations, will be more likely to developing spider veins than the ones that maintain a steady weight.

It might also occur through heredity factors in some families.

When your hobby or job requires very long hours on your feet or sitting down at a desk, you could develop spider veins on your feet and legs.

People that used to smoke or are still smoking, will be at a higher risk to get spider veins in their face. It will also be the same for those that drink alcohol to heavily.

Some people consider hot showers and baths implicated in the development of spider veins, but researchers have found that it is unlikely. Blood vessels will dilate if they are exposed to heat but it will only be temporary because the vessels will return back to normal once it cools down.

Spider vein treatment options

It doesn’t really matter what causes your visible vein clusters or lines. There are a variety of treatment options that is available to you. Learn about all of them and decide which will be best for you.

The use of compression stockings

This is your most conservative treatment for any vein disease, including spider veins and varicose veins. It’s a medical-grade support hose designed to fit accurately and help if the veins cause uncomfortable or painful symptoms. Generally, it will be available at pharmacies or any medical supply store.


This treatment has been around for many years. It involves an injection of a special solution directly into your vein. The solution can be a concentrated saline. It will irritate the vessels’ lining and cause it to clot and swell. Over some time, the vessel will turn into scar tissue and just fade away. It’s a simple procedure that can be performed in the doctor’s office.

Laser therapy

It’s the most effective treatment for small leg and facial blood vessels. It will heat up your blood vessel and then destroy it. Doctors have used it for more than 3 decades. There are a variety of laser treatments that include IPL/intense-pulsed-light treatment. Although IPL will work for your facial veins, it’s not recommended for the lower part of your body, because of the risk of skin damage. It’s a painful treatment that will take about half an hour, depending on the size of the area that needs treatment.

Photodynamic therapy

This treatment will be recommended if the laser or sclera-therapy doesn’t treat the dilated vein effectively. An intense, pulsed light will be used for treating small spider veins, vascular birthmarks and varicose veins of a certain size. You might require 1-6 treatments to properly treat the area.

The result of a spider vein treatment


Most patients can expect an improvement of about eighty to ninety percent after they had several treatments. Over months it will gradually fade. Usually, the treated spider veins will disappear, but there might be similar veins that can appear in that same general area.

Results can be expected to show within only a couple of weeks after you had the treatment. The areas that were treated will also continue to improve in the next 4-6 weeks. Once or twice every year the patient needs to go for follow-up treatments in order to maintain the treatment area.

Laser treatments

Results are not immediate for spider veins through laser treatment. After your treatment, the vessels that are underneath your skin will gradually change from a dark blue color to a light red. Within 2-6 weeks it will eventually disappear.

Most patients reported with a high degree, their satisfaction and relief that they don’t have to hide their unsightly veins anymore after their treatment. There isn’t any cure for your spider veins but treatment will prevent that new spider veins to develop, and the existing ones will dramatically improve. It will give you a healthy and youthful look. However, because they are recurrent, more treatments will be needed in the future.

Photodynamic therapy

With photodynamic treatment, the patient might need about 5 treatment sessions. It will purely depend on the severity and nature of their condition. Your sessions will be spaced between two and five weeks apart from each other. They can continue afterward in order to maintain your initial positive result of your treatment.

Talk to a specialist today and walk with confidence.