Glass Wall Partitions, You Need Them

The beauty and drama of glass will enhance about any space. A combination of beauty and functionality, provided by glass for partitions will be ideal in all areas. Especially area’s that need a physical barrier that is visual. Thus, glass wall partitions are ideal.

They reconfigure and provide flexibility for space while allowing in light. An inner glass envelope or an office glass divider is very popular with space-planning and contemporary architectures. It improves the interior environmental quality.

The popularity of glass wall partitions and the flexible quality it instantly gives your office space is a fresh new look. Additionally, it maximizes space and is very cost effective for upgrading the look of your office or even the home. It can also disassemble easily to move around.

Things you should know about glass partitions

They will stand up to most punishment – A concern that is very common among office managers and business owners, will be that the walls of glass might break if something or someone impacts into them, like any ordinary glass. Glass partitions are produced with a tempered glass that is tough and it will not break into shards on impact.

It won’t be necessary to give up your privacy – It offers privacy and the openness that you need. You can always use frosted glass panels for the lower levels. On the top you add clear glass to let in light and have a break up in the feel of a solid wall.

Kiss that cloistered offices good riddance and goodbye – Private office space can be set aside still but on a whole you will lose the feel of a compartmentalized, old fashioned office. Light and air can circulate easy and the openness won’t be so solemn. Glass wall partitions will leave a feel of casualness. This will also provide you with a higher productivity and great collaboration.

Your company’s public profile will be entirely new – People that work in these offices will have to adjust from the isolated office to this new open space feel, and adopt the company’s new public face. There are some owners of businesses that said this adjustment is quite hard.

A building permit is not needed – To move any of your glass wall partitions around doesn’t need a building permit. They consider as some kind of furniture. All you need to do is to devise your new layout and the maintenance crew can rearrange everything after hours.

Your utility bills will be lower – With glass wall partitions your artificial light use will be reduced substantially to illuminate the offices. Natural airflow through your open plan offices will also mean that the HVAC system doesn’t need to work very hard to cool or heat the air. This will cut your energy bill substantially.

Versatility of glass

Glass can be used for a range of items these days. As technology advances we see glass being used to replace solid walls, railings, banisters and more.

Benefits of glass wall partitions to replace drywall construction

It will enhance the image of your company – In today’s take-no-prisoners, ultra-competitive business world, you need to stay on top of evolving matters. Instead of the old conventional offices with drywall construction. Use glass and think what difference the sleek, beautiful and user-friendly glass wall partitions will do to improve your image of the company.

A workforce that is healthier – Workers need to work long hours in the office on computers in front of the screens in this economy of high-tech services. Natural light is a component of importance to stay healthy under these conditions. With replacing that drywall and fitting glass wall partitions has proven time and time again its benefits. You will have healthier and happier employees that enjoy coming to work.

Electricity bills gets reduced – With natural light that penetrates in all the areas of your floor plan, artificial lightings will be reduced greatly. Some of the areas might not need any artificial lighting, and in other areas the hours that you will need them will drastically drop.

Cost for air conditioning and heat will be reduced – On those cold winter days with all the light that penetrates the office will also bring some solar heat into the workplace. If the offices are intelligently designed, the natural airflow through the offices will also help the air conditioning to work less. This will mean that your electricity bills will be reduced drastically.

The versatility of glass partitions is unmatched – You can choose and create any kind of layout with glass wall partitions whenever and wherever you may need it. You can accommodate any layouts to adjust for changes with staffing levels, to merge or separate departments, for optimized traffic flow and also for environmental differences during the year at different times. For privacy from the public frosted glass wall partitions can be brought in.